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When withdrawing cash in Prague or elsewhere, many Czech ATMs (bankomat) might charge extra fees when using a foreign Visa or Mastercard. But you can withdraw with no extra fees at ATMs of ČSOB, Raiffeisen Bank & KB (Komerční banka).

Questions & Answers[edit]

Which ATMs are recommended? [edit]

Cash machines of these banks allow withdrawing without extra fees:

Should I use currency conversion? [edit]


Many ATMs (and sometimes even payment terminals in shops and restaurants) will offer you to convert the CZK into your home currency. For example, if you want to withdraw 1000 CZK, the machine will offer you

  • to either withdraw 1000 CZK and let your bank do the conversion
  • or do the conversion and charge you with your home currency

This is nearly always a bad deal. The conversion rate that the ATM will apply is usually much worse than the one your bank will apply.

So when asked, always pick Decline the conversion and pay / withdraw CZK.

How much should I withdraw? [edit]

In Czechia, you can pay by card nearly everywhere: At supermarkets, ticket machines, restaurants and even most street food places.

  • So you will need cash only very rarely.
  • It is enough to withdraw only an amount needed as a backup.

Some ATMs trick you to withdraw more than you need, by offering only high amounts when withdrawing.

  • So remember the exchange rate. For EUR-CZK, it is 1 to 25.
  • Thus, €40 are around 1000 CZK.

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