How to get a public transport pass in Prague

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To get a monthly, quarterly or yearly pass for Prague's public transport, you don't even need to leave your house – everything can be done online.

How does it work?[edit]

Basically, you

  • create an online account,
  • link a card with a NFC chip (e.g. a credit card for contactless payments) to this account.
  • Additionally, you upload your photo.
  • Then, buy any ticket you like online.

When riding a metro, bus or tram, inspectors may check you. They will ask for your credit card, read the NFC chip and will see your uploaded photo – so they can confirm that you have a ticket.

Read more for a step-by-step guide.

What do I need?[edit]

  • a credit card with your name on it that allows contactless payments (NFC chip)
  • a digital photo of you

Create an account[edit]

  • Go to PID Lítačka and click on Register
  • if the interface language is not English, select EN from the top menu
  • enter your email address and a password
  • You will receive an activation email in your mailbox, click on its confirmation link
  • Login with your email and password

Add a card / identifier[edit]

Next, you need to link an identifier to your account. This can be your credit card.

  • From the menu, select Cards
  • Select Add identifier
  • Select Payment card
  • Enter its number and expiration date
    • be sure it is a card with your name on it
  • Click on Add identifier

The identifier shall now appear on your list of cards.

To be able to buy personal tickets on it, change its type to Personal.

Upload a photo of you[edit]

  • From the menu, select Personal information
  • Under Photo and there I want to upload a photo
  • Upload a passport photo with your face clearly visible. It will need to be approved by an administrator.

Buy a season ticket[edit]

  • From the menu, select Season tickets
  • Select Buy season ticket
  • Pick your preferred date at Valid from
  • Pick the duration of the ticket:
    • Měsiční – 1 month
    • Čvrtletní – 3 months
    • 5měsiční – 5 months (=1 semester, suitable for students)
    • Roční – 1 year
  • Pick the zones where it shall be valid
    • for Prague city only, pick P and 0
  • Select Buy at the bottom
  • Recap and pay e.g. per credit card
    • can be a different one than the linked one

Check if your photo was approved[edit]

Your ticket is not valid until an administrator approved your photo. To check this:

  • From the menu, select Personal information
  • Under Photo, read Stav. It should say approved