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This article lists housing options in Hamburg. Where possible, the links lead directly to the search results for Hamburg.

There are also lists for other German cities.

Short-Term Rentals[edit]

The following options are convenient for stays from 2 weeks to 12 months.

Furnished Apartments & Rooms[edit]

Rooms & Flatshares[edit]

Long-Term Rentals[edit]

Long-term rentals are for usually longer than 12 months.

In Germany, such rentals usually require more paperwork. Read Apartment Renting in Germany to prepare. In return, with such a long-term rental, tenants are better protected by German law.

When renting an apartment long-term, it is mostly unfurnished.

Classified ads[edit]

These websites connect landlords and apartment seekers. Click on the offers to contact a landlord.

List of Landlords[edit]

These are websites of landlords themselves. Some of them list their offers only on their own websites. But you contact them directly, without the need of a broker.

Housing Companies

Housing Cooperatives

Cooperatives work a bit different than regular landlords. Read more on Wikipedia: Housing cooperative.

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