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A WBS (short for Wohnberechtigungsschein) is a certificate that gives you access to social housing in Germany. You can get it if you have a low income. Some apartments are reserved only for people with a WBS.

Who can get a WBS?[edit]

You must have

  • a legal residence permit for Germany for at least 1 year
  • or EU citizenship

Also your income must not be too high. Check this table ar Wikipedia for details.

Examples from the table:

  • A single person in Berlin must not earn more than 16.800€ per year.
  • A family with 1 child in Stuttgart must not earn more than 25.200€ + 700€ = 25.900€ per year.

Where can is a WBS valid?[edit]

A WBS is only valid in the state (Bundesland) it was issued. So a WBS from Berlin cannot be used in Potsdam, only in Berlin.

How long is a WBS valid?[edit]

A WBS is valid for one year. You usually only need it for moving it. If your income increases later, this should not be a problem.

Where can I get a WBS?[edit]

You can get a WBS at your Wohnungsamt (housing department) of your city. For instance, if you live in Berlin, google Wohnungsamt WBS Berlin

  • Send the application by mail to your Wohnungsamt.

More guides[edit]