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Viacash allows you to withdraw or deposit cash from/on your bank account at shops. You don't need to buy anything.

Banks have different names for the service:

  • N26 calls it Cash26
  • DKB calls it Cash im Shop

Usually, you can

  • withdraw cash from min. €50 and max. €300, and
  • deposit cash from min. €1 and max. €300.

How it works[edit]

  1. in the app of your bank, select cash deposit or withdrawal and generate a barcode
  2. go to the store and proceed to checkout (you do not need to buy anything)
  3. show the barcode to the clerk
  4. leave or receive your cash

List of stores[edit]


  • Adam's
  • Barbarino
  • Budni
  • Eckert
  • Logo Adams
  • Ludwig
  • Mobilcom Debitel
  • ON Express
  • Penny
  • REWE
  • Rossmann
  • dm
  • real


  • Billa
  • dm
  • Merkur
  • Penny

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