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When do I need an electricity provider?[edit]

  • If you rent (or buy) an apartment or house directly from a landlord.

You usually don't need an electricity contract

  • when you sublet an apartment or room.

How to order and pay an electricity supplier?[edit]

  • Find out whether your warm water is heated by
    • your own electricity,
    • or instead by gas or even delivered from your landlord (central heating)
  • Estimate your consumption. Typical:
    • 1-person household: 1600 kWh (no water heating) / 2100 kWh (with water heating)
    • 2-person household: 2300 kWh (no water heating) / 3400 kWh (with water heating)
    • 3-person household: 3100 kWh (no water heating) / 4400 kWh (with water heating)
    • 4-person household: 4000 kWh (no water heating) / 5500 kWh (with water heating)
    • 5-person household: 4500 kWh (no water heating) / 6700 kWh (with water heating)
  • Compare providers or pick a provider from the list below. Key factors to look at:
    • Grundpreis (basic fee): fixed fee to pay per month
    • Arbeitspreis (consumption price): what you pay per kWh used
    • bonuses: are often available for new customers (but some are only paid out after a year, so be careful to check also cancellation policies)
  • Order online
  • Based on your consumption estimation, they calculate a monthly prepayment rate for you. Pay that rate now every month.
  • After a year (usually), they measure your actual consumption.
    • If you used less than your estimation, you will get money back and your monthly prepayment rate will be lowered.
    • If you used more than your estimation, you will need to pay the difference and your monthly prepayment rate will be raised.

Compare electricity providers[edit]

List of electricity providers[edit]

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