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Electricity meter with meter ID number (marked in red)

If you rent an apartment on your name (and don't sublet), you likely need to make a contract with an electricity provider. Read here how to find, compare & sign up with one.

Summary: Check if you need one, estimate your consumption, compare & pick a provider, sign up online.

Questions & Answers[edit]

When do I need an electricity provider? [edit]

  • If you rent an apartment or house directly from a landlord.

You usually don't need an electricity contract

  • if you sublet an apartment or room (from another person), or
  • if you rent your apartment or room with an "all-inclusive" contract like via Airbnb or similar.

If in doubt, ask your landlord.

How does electricity and energy billing work in Germany? [edit]

With your (warm) rent (Warmmiete), you already pay for energy consumption, like

  • heating your apartment
  • water heating
  • lights of common areas in your house, like Corridor lighting

But for energy in your apartment, used for/from:

  • lights
  • power sockets
  • stove & oven (if electric)
  • water heating (if electric)

you need to make a contract with an electricity supplier.

How to choose an electricity supplier? [edit]

You will need your postal code postal code because prices are different by area. (Use Google maps to find it.)

  1. Find out whether your warm water is heated by
    • your electricity,
    • or instead by gas or even delivered (district / central heating)
  2. Estimate your consumption with the table below.
  3. Pick a provider or comparison service from the list below.
  4. Enter your postal code and estimated consumption to get offers for you. Key factors to look at:
    • Grundpreis (basic fee): fixed fee to pay per month
    • Arbeitspreis (consumption price): what you pay per kWh used
    • bonuses: are often available for new customers (but some are only paid out after a year, so make sure they actually give you a benefit)

How to sign up with an electricity provider? [edit]

All sign-ups can be done online.

  1. Pick an offer from the list or comparisons of the providers.
  2. In the order form, enter
    • the ID number of your electricity meter (it is usually printed on it),
    • the current electricity meter reading,
    • your IBAN bank account number (if you agree to direct debit).

How do I get billed for my electricity consumption? [edit]

  1. Based on your consumption estimation, your electricity provider will calculate a monthly prepayment rate. This prepayment rate will be
    • either deducted from your bank account, if you agreed to direct debit (Lastschrift)
    • or you will need to transfer it yourself every month.
  2. After a year (usually), they measure your actual consumption.
    • If you used less than your estimation, you will get money back and your monthly prepayment rate will be lowered.
    • If you used more than your estimation, you will need to pay the difference and your monthly prepayment rate will be raised.

How to change my electricity company? [edit]

  1. Find out the earliest date you can cancel / when your minimum contract term ends.
    • Tip: You can already send the cancellation much earlier. That way you make sure to not forget to cancel.
  2. Pick an offer from the list or comparisons of the providers.

Average & Ideal Consumption Rates[edit]

To estimate your electricity consumption, you can go by average consumptions per year of German households, as shown in the table below. Additionally, ideal consumptions are shown (if savings potentials are used). [1]

Household size Average, with electric water heating Average, without electric water heating Ideal (minimized) consumption
1 person 2100 kWh 1500 kWh 800-1300 kWh
2 person 3400 kWh 2500 kWh 1300-2100 kWh
3 person 4400 kWh 3500 kWh 1700-2600 kWh
4 person 5500 kWh 4250 kWh 1900-2900 kWh

Find an Electricity Provider[edit]

You can make a contract with any German provider, no matter where you live. So even if you live in Berlin, you can make a contract with a provider from Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, or Munich.

List of German Electricity Providers[edit]

Here are common German electricity companies with their Trustpilot rating[2]:

Compare German Electricity Providers[edit]

Instead of comparing offers yourself, you can use a comparison service. Enter your postal code & estimated consumption, and get a list of offers.

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