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If this is in your apartment, it is heated by gas.

If your apartment is heated by gas & you don't sublet from someone but rent an apartment on your name, you likely need make a contract with a gas provider. Read here how to find, compare & sign up with one.

Note that you can make a contract with any German provider, no matter where you live. So even if you live in Berlin, you can make a contract with a provider from Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, or Munich.

Questions & Answers[edit]

When do I need a gas provider? [edit]

  • If you rent (or buy) an apartment or house directly from a landlord
  • and your place uses local gas heating. To find out
    • ask your landlord, or
    • check if you have the things seen in the photo above in your flat.

You usually don't need a gas contract

  • if you rent your apartment or room with an "all-inclusive" contract like via Airbnb or similar.

If in doubt, ask your landlord.

How to make a contract with a gas supplier? [edit]

  1. Estimate your consumption with the table below.
  2. Pick a provider or comparison service from the list below.
  3. Enter your postal code and estimated consumption to get offers for you.

How do I get billed for my gas consumption? [edit]

  • Based on your consumption estimation, they calculate a monthly prepayment rate for you. Pay that rate now every month.
  • After a year (usually), they measure your actual consumption.
    • If you used less than your estimation, you will get money back and your monthly prepayment rate will be lowered.
    • If you used more than your estimation, you will need to pay the difference and your monthly prepayment rate will be raised.

Average Consumption Rates[edit]

To estimate your gas consumption, you can go by average consumptions per year[1] of German households, as shown in the tables below. There are average numbers

  • for water heating by number of people in the household
  • plus by apartment size.
Household size Average gas consumption for water heating
1 person 600-800 kWh
2 person 1200-1600 kWh
3 person 1800-2400 kWh
4 person 2400-3200 kWh
Apartment size Average gas consumption for room heating
30m² 3,800 kWh
50m² 5,000 kWh
100m² 12,000 kWh
150m² 18,000 kWh
terrace house 20,000 kWh
single-family house 35,000 kWh

Find a Gas Provider[edit]

List of German Gas Providers[edit]

Common German gas providers with their Trustpilot rating:

Compare German Gas Providers[edit]

Instead of comparing offers yourself, you can use a comparison service. Enter your postal code & estimated consumption, and get a list of offers.


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