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Questions & answers about German internet providers for homes, links & guides to comparisons.

Questions & Answers[edit]

When do I need an Internet provider for my place? [edit]

  • If you rent (or buy) an apartment or house directly from a landlord.

You usually don't need an Internet contract

  • when you sublet an apartment or room.

If in doubt, ask your landlord.

For how long should I order an Internet provider? [edit]

You can order a contract with only 1 month cancellation period. But much cheaper offers come mostly only with a 24 month term. 24 months seem to long? Because you might move to another place before? No worries. By German law, you can either

  • move your contract to your new place
  • cancel your contract when the provider is not available at your new place.

How to order an Internet provider for my home? [edit]

Use an online comparison tool. We have listed a few below. There are so many offers (incl. special bonuses), that only these tools can show you the best deals, saving you up to 100-200€. See our list below.

The tools will typically ask you for the following, so here is a dictionary:

  • Vorwahl = your landline city prefix. If you don't know your prefix: find it here.
  • Geschwindigkeit = desired minimum speed of the connection
  • Laufzeit = maximal contact term
  • Flatrates = Which plans do you want? ("Internet" should be enough most times.)
  • Anschlussart = Type of connection
  • Neukunde = new customer, no contract yet at your current place / Wechsler = you already have an Internet contract and want to move to a new provider.

List of Internet provider comparison tools[edit]

More guides[edit]


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