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̧Can I use my SIM card from another country in Germany?[edit]

Yes, if your provider allows roaming (which it does very likely). You might need to enable it, especially data roaming.

In Germany, the following standards are in operation:

  • 2G (EDGE)
  • 3G (UMTS)
  • 4G (LTE)
  • and partially starting with 5G

See a more technical list at Wikipedia.

̧How much does it cost to use my foreign SIM card Germany?[edit]

SIM card from another EU country[edit]

If your foreign SIM card is from another EU country, then the EU roaming regulations apply. Basically:

  • You pay the same rates as if you were in the home country of your SIM card.
  • However, after 4 months being abroad your home SIM card provider has the right the cancel the contract, as they can assume that you now live in Germany.

SIM Card from a Non-EU country[edit]

It totally depends on the rates of your SIM card provider.

When Do I need a German SIM card?[edit]

  • When you want to be reachable by a German (mobile) number.
  • When you want a flat rate for calls to German (mobile) numbers, and your current provider does not offer it.
  • When you do not habe EU roaming, or when it stopped working.

Do I need a verification?[edit]

By law, your name and address needs to be verified with

  • a legal document (passport or national ID), and
  • a German street address (you don't need an Anmeldung (to be registered) there but it should exist.

You can read here more about the details.

Overviews of SIM card offers[edit]

Below are 3 sub-pages, each one with a customizable calculator: Select your preferred network operator and for example also the data volume you need per month and get a regularly updated list of results.

More guides[edit]