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Online pharmacies in Germany are often much cheaper than regular ones, and in times of quarantine it is even easier to buy there than in brick&mortar ones.

Things to know[edit]

Free shipping with prescription[edit]

If your order contains a drug with a prescription then shipping is always free, even when you add some additional products that do not need a prescription.

However, you must send the original prescription by postal mail to the online pharmacy.

Use PZN to find the correct meds[edit]

The Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) is a unique identifier for medical products in Germany. Every medical product in Germany has its own. Its printed on the packaging.

Most online pharmacies allow you to search also via the number. So if you want to be sure to buy the exact medication, just enter its PZN.

Automatic checking of contraindications[edit]

There is also one big benefit of constantly ordering your meds only at one of the pharmacies, Docmorris*: They keep a record of your orders of the last 3 months. If one of your new orders contains a drug that does not work well with a previous drug you ordered (i.e. has a contraindication), then Docmorris will warn you before shipping.

Comparison table[edit]

Here is a comparison for shipping costs and also two typical products

  • the painkiller Paracetamol, and
  • the anti-allergen Mometahexal.

(Note that prices might have change in the meantime.)

Pharmacy Example prices Shipping costs
Paracetamol 500 mg / 20 pcs Mometahexal 18g Free shipping from if below & order contains only items without prescription
Docmorris* €2.19 €11.99 €19.00 €2.95
Mediherz* €0.79 €10.69 €19.00 €3.90
Shop-Apotheke* €1.63 €17.21 €19.00 €4.95
Medpex* €0.98 €12.99 €20.00 €2.99
Aliva* €1.59 €10.99 €20.00 €4.95
Sanicare* €1.51 €10.95 €25.00 €4.95
Aponeo* €5.99 €19.97 €29.00 €3.95
Pharmeo* €5.99 €19.97 €55.00 €4.30

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