Banks for Foreigners in Czechia

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Current or giro bank accounts are suitable for paying private expenses like rent, or receiving salary from your job. Here is a list of free accounts with English support, suitable for foreigners.

Fio banka[edit]

Fio banka is a branch bank that also offers online banking. Their website has an English interface, and also in their branches you can find English speaking customer service.


  • EU/EEA citizen: ID or passport
  • proof of your link to Czechia. Can be:
    • a rental contract
    • a job contract
    • a proof of your business, e.g. a Trade License


They offer a free current account that can hold Czech currency (CZK), but also in many others (at the moment: AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, CHF, JPY, NOK, PLN, RUB, SEK, USD).

Besides, you get

  • a free Mastercard for contactless payments
    • another payment card for a second person
  • up to 10 cash withdrawals / month at Fio ATMs
    • 5 at other ATMs
    • 1 withdrawal in foreign country per month

Go to: Fio banka current account


German-based Raiffeisenbank offers two current accounts:


  • EU/EEA citizen: ID or passport
  • proof of your link to Czechia. Can be:

Account types[edit]

Chytrý účet ("Smart account")[edit]

The Smart account (Chytrý účet) has no running fees but also not many features included. What you get included:

  • a CZK account (for any further currency, you pay 29 CZK / month)
  • a debit card
  • a credit card
  • free cash withdrawal at ATMs in Czechia

Go to: Raiffeisenbank Chytrý účet

Aktivný účet ("Active account")[edit]

With the Active account (Aktivný účet) you pay 49 CZK / month and get additionally

  • not only an account in CZK but also optionally in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD, PLN, HUF ...
  • free cash withdrawal at ATMs not only in Czechia but worldwide

Go to: Raiffeisenbank Aktviný účet


Equabank is a Czech bank and offering a free current account in CZK and EUR.


  • EU/EEA citizen: ID or passport
  • a Czech mobile phone number


  • free cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide
  • free Mastercard debit card
  • optional: an account in EUR
  • free incoming and outgoing transactions in EUR and CZK

Account opening is possible in branches or online.

Go to: Equabank current account