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The simplest way to start working self-employed / as a freelancer in Czechia is to get a Trade License / Trade Certificate (Živnostenský list).

Counselling services[edit]

Instead of figuring out on your own what you need, you can also book a licensing service:

Types of Trade Licenses[edit]

You have to select a license type, describing your business. Here's a list of trade license types.

What do I need to get a Trade License (Živnostenský list)?[edit]

A detailed list is provided by

Where do I go?[edit]

  • Find here the Trade department (Živnostenský odbor) of your location
  • Go there during its opening hours and bring the things mentioned above. You don't need an appointment, only pick a waiting number and wait.

You can also apply for a Czech VAT ID. If you need one for doing business with customers abroad (suitable for Reverse charge), you need to specify that.