Postident in Germany (FAQ, Accepted Documents)

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Postident is a service of Deutsche Post (German Post) to allow business like online banks or mobile phone operators to identify you. It can be done by one of these ways:

  • video chat
  • photo upload
  • online ID function of German ID card or electronic residence permit
  • visit in an office of Deutsche Post

Most commonly, "Postident" is used for visiting a post office.

Questions & Answers[edit]

How does Postident work with a post office visit? [edit]

  1. The company that wants to identify you sends you a Postident coupon. Either by e-mail or you can download it.
  2. You print out the Postident coupon. If cannot print it, you can also use the Postident app[1] (Android, iOS)
  3. You go to a Deutsche Post office and show the Postident coupon.

Which documents & passports are accepted for Postident in a post office? [edit]

Documents must contain a photo and a machine-readable zone (MRZ).[2] Here is a list of accepted documents (PDF).

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